Richie Kidd has a vast experience in the music world. From be a top DJ in Dubai after working in other parts of the Middle East. He then moved into producing his own music and had a good deal of success. By word and mouth his reputation grew and he produce several chart topping tunes. As his reputation became wider known he then was asked to master material for other people. This kept him busy for a long time. He then expanded his interest in photography, again his reputation spread so that he worked with a lot of well-known models and their agencies. He also has a good eye for architectural photography. He continues to follow this part of his career adding new subjects to his portfolio. A lot of his work can be found on his Facebook or Instagram sites.

Some you may recognise

Remixes 2011 Housegroove " Jazzy Movement (Richie Kidd Deep Drunk Funk Filter Mix)" Dirty Monkey 2011 Tom Drummond " Lets Dance (Richie Kidd)" Tastie 2010 MC Spanish Fly " Blinded By The Light (Richie Kidd Space Disco Mix)" 2008 DapC feat. Sholla Amar, Lil Wayne & Phil Ashmore " Everything To Me (Richie Kidd That East Mix)" 2008 Sean Kingston – "Take You There (Richie Kidd Sunshine Club Mix)" 2008 Nelly Furtardo – "Do it (Richie Kidd Smooth House Mix)" 2008 Tovar Vsk Warren " Call It Fate Then Say Something (Richie Kidd Mix)" 2007 Snoop Dogg " Sexual Eruption (Richie Kidd Remix)" 2007 Estel " American Boy (Richie Kidd 2 step Garage Mix)" 2007 Shayne Ward – "You Make Me Wish (Richie Kidd Sunshine Remix)" 2006 Mutya Buena " Fast Car (SoulfullSexySound Remix)" 2006 De La Soul " Ring Ring Ring He He Ha Ha (Richie Kidd Mix)" 2006 Roger Sanchez, D Ramirez Feat. Lisa Pure " Lost vs. Lost (Richie Kidd Remix)" 2005 LL Cool J " Doin It (Richie Kidd Remix)" 2003 F.P.I – "Reach In Paradise (Richie Kidd Mix)" 2003 "Butterflies Studio Junkies (Richie Kidd Remix)" Awards and

Some of my remixes

some of my remixes that have got into the charts.

One from the past.

Another on the Melon Dive Label

Now that's just Naughty.

One on the Native Soul label.