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Richie Kidd is a DJ/Producer who specializes in jackin and deep house music. I've been passionate about music all my life and have played alongside many of the World's best DJs while working as a resident DJ for a variety of top bars and clubs throughout the Middle East; including the famous Barasti Beach Bar which was voted as the number one bar in the World in 2009.


Richie is a bit of a one man band whose clients have come to rely on for not only a professional approach to all he does as well as his dedication to getting it right.


We can provide remixes, mastering of your own tracks, architectural and portrait photography.


Contact Richie on facebook, instagram or twitter, or use our contact page.

Amazing things

Richie Kidd over the last few years has proved hiself to be an international DJ. Created his owm music and top chart remixes. Mastered tracks not ony for himself but others. A professional Photographer working with several agencies.

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International DJ

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Richiekidd studio

Part of my studio in the USA.

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Model Madison Garris.