About Richie

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Richie Kidd has a vast experience in the music world. Working in different parts of the middle East and became a top DJ in Dubai then moved into producing his own music with a good deal of success. By word of mouth his reputation grew and he produced several chart-topping records.   As his name became wider known he then was asked to master material for other people. This kept him busy for a long time. He then expanded his interest in photography, again his reputation spread so that he worked with a several well-known models and their agencies. He also has a good eye for architecture and brings this to life in his photographs as he continues to follow this part of his career, adding new subjects to his portfolio. He recently turned his hand to the movie industry as a natural progression from still photography, involving soma camera work, site visits and script writing. A lot of his work can be found on his Facebook or Instagram sites. Richie can be contacted via the link below.